Even if you are not remodeling your home, water heaters need to be replaced eventually. We have point of use tankless water heating systems! We also have tankless Whole House iHeat Tankless Water Heater.

     iHeat Tankless Water Heaters incorporate every factor relevant to today's consumer. Eco-friendly, energy efficient, built to last, and space and money saving, our product are designed to perform, no matter what size your needs. From small residential applications to larger corporations, we help customers meet their needs.

     The new line of iHeat Tankless water heaters have the latest design and safety standards, improved reliability, easier and more intuitive operation and serviceability. iHeat is placing a strong emphasis on the energy savings our product offers. Go Tankless Go Green.

IHeat AGL-5 Portable Liquid Propane Fired Water Heater (Free Shipping)

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IHeat Tankless: AHSH2500 Size: Kw: 2.5 / Voltage: 110 / AMP: 23 / AWG# 10-2
PRICE: $94.95

IHeat AGL-5 Portable Liquid Propane Fired Water Heater (Free Shipping)


MFR: IHeat Tankless

Amp: 14.5 / AWG# 11.5

The iHeat AGL-5 is a portable liquid propane fired water heater capable of delivering 1 to 1.4 gallons of hot water almost anywhere. The AGL-5, from iHeat Tankless, is a small work horse, people use similar units to heat the water in their homes, safely, and reliably.
Gas is supplied from a standard 20 pound propane cylinder (A shower nozzle with on/off switch and multiple spray patterns is included. Ignition is automatic and powered by 2”D”cell batteries (not included). Additional safety feature of an automatic 20 minute shutoff timer that is reset each time the operation stops or the shower head is turned off and back on.
Great for: camping, hunting, after a storm, pool area, parks.
iHeat Tankless water heaters have a Limited 1-Year warranty.
iHeat Tankless water heaters ships in 3 to 5 business days.

PRICE:  $168.95

Storewide Sale! Save an additional 10% on a $75 order. Savings will be reflected on the final invoice before confirming your order. (Cannot be combined with other offers or promotions.)


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